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Our Story

India has seen a growth in the number of Stock Market Investors and Traders in the past few years. However, despite this growth, Most people need proper training to enter the stock market and succumb to its commanding and mysterious nature. Hence firms like Vprofits come to light. Vprofits is a stock market investment training and Supports firm founded by Vijay Gurunath, a Professional Trader and Investor. Since its foundation in March 2017, Vprofits has made it far. With satisfied clients from across Tamilnadu, Vprofits has changed lives by providing them with excellent stock market Investment ideas, concepts and a secondary source of income. They have witnessed clients from all walks of life and transformed them into successful investors. This has resulted from the constant emphasis on developing proper discipline and consistency.

About The Founder

Vijay Gurunath is completing a degree MBA in International Business. He has vast experience in various Multinational companies (MNCs) like Flour Danial, Foster Wheeler, Ramboll, and Petrofac in multiple countries. He founded Vprofits in March 2017. He started his investment in 2008. When he wanted to enter the Stock market as a passive investor, he bought his first book, Alla Alla Panam, written by Mr. Soma Valliyappan and published by Kilakku Pathipagam. In 2014 he planned to become a full-time investor and trader. But instead, he quit his job abroad and became a full-time trader and Investor. He is completing multiple Certifications from NSE and NISM (SEBI), and his few certificates are Investment advisor, Mutual fund Distributor, Research Analyst, and Portfolio Manager. He explores his knowledge and finds multiple Own Concepts and Strategies for various Stock Market Situations. In his experience, He discovered that Investment in the right Companies with proper Portfolio allocation is the best way to Build quality assets in Stock Market.

He wishes to share his Knowledge and Experience with Stock Market Investors, so he started Training programs. And the same time, he found that most passive traders needed help managing their jobs / Businesses with profitable stock market trading. He believes they can become a successful revenue generator from the stock market if they get a professional partner. So, he wishes to support them in starting Trading Management Services.

He considers his training program will Improve Investor’s confidence in Stock Market and comfort with Investor’s Own Investments.  And also believe his professional Trading management services provide significant support to make passive Traders focus entirely on their Businesses or job and save their market spending time, reduce capital risk, and get good returns.

Our Vision:

We strive to be acknowledged as a leader in helping our clients succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving financial markets. We Endeavour to be valued as a leader in client satisfaction, service performance, financial strength & profitability. We work hard continuously to enhance our reputation for accessibility, professionalism, analysis & depth & quality of our long-term consultative relationship with clients.

Our Mission:

Vprofits continuously updating our training materials will include the best presentations. This will help investors get powerful knowledge of current market updates. In addition, we are constantly working on Training and updating staff and Executives, adopting new technology and improving infrastructure to benefit our customers. As a result, we are equipped with Highly reliable software, tools, newswires, communication devices, internet, and technologies, and well-trained & qualified staff/representatives to protect clients’ investments and help them get good returns over the years.