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What people say about our Training and Services

“Vijay Gurunath's expertise in explaining how investors approach the stock market has been a significant eye-opener for me as a long-term investor. His emphasis on capital protection and profit booking has taught me that making the right investment decisions is the cornerstone of success in the stock market. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend this course to any long-term investor looking to strengthen their knowledge and confidence in the stock market.”

Muthesh Software Engineer, Chennai

"I am planning to engage in intraday and future and option trading. A friend of mine recommended Mr. Vijay Gurunath, and I attended his course. After attending this course, I now have a clear understanding of the power of investment. Mr. Gurunath's approach of allocating 70% to investment and 30% to trading is excellent. I now realize that asset building is the primary goal of the stock market, and making income from the stock market is secondary."

Udhayamoorthy BIM Engineer, Chennai

“I was looking to diversify my business and a friend suggested Vprofits. When I reached out to them, they explained the investment and working partner concept in a clear manner. The great benefits of this product include having a business title in my name and an experienced working partner. I can also monitor my investment from anywhere at any time. I am pleased to have a responsible working partner for my investment.”

Kumar Entrepreneur, Coimbatore

"I want to earn passive income from the stock market, but because I'm busy with my own job, I can't make regular trading and investment decisions. That's when I approached Vprofits. They clearly explained the risks and returns of the stock market, which impressed me with their transparency, systematic approach, and risk management abilities. Their capital management style is great, and I strongly recommend Vprofits."

Abdul Kadar NRI, Dubai

"I had a difficult time managing my investment portfolio in 2020, but thankfully Vprofits was able to recover my capital and prevent any losses. They have a unique ability to identify the average zone of stocks and reduce the Buying cost of my existing Holding. This was a pleasant surprise for me and has helped me to quickly recover my portfolio. I am very grateful to Vprofits for their assistance and thank them for their great work."

Murugan Senior Designer, Chennai

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself stranded abroad and, to make matters worse, my stock portfolio took a hit. Managing this situation was quite challenging for me. That's when I reached out to Vprofits for assistance. They took control of my account and, using a step-by-step approach, managed to recover my losses, and even handed over profits to me. Their help was invaluable, and I'm extremely grateful for their assistance. Thank you so much.”

Karthikeyan NRI, Qatar